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Specializes in chip, electronic component and connector.

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Innovative distributor for chip, electronic component and connector.

Yi-Tsuen Co., Ltd. is a leading electronic components distributor that specializes in helping customers solve chip, electronic component and connector shortage issues in Taiwan. 

We sell a variety of products, including ICs, FPGAs, MCUs, capacitors, resistors and a variety of active and passive components. Our product line includes brands such as TI, NXP, AD, Vishay, ST, Mircochip, On, AMD, Xilinx, Lattice, Infineon . We are also a distributor of special IC chips and electronic components, and we specialize in handling out-of-stock, end-of-life (EOL) and obsolete products. Our product supply covers industries such as telecommunications, servers, industrial computers, IoT, automotive, aerospace, shipping and military. We specialize in serving ODM, OEM and EMS customers.

We have a wide range of sources in North America, Europe and Asia, over 10 million products, and professional logistics and transportation capabilities. This enables us to provide customers with fast, flexible and reliable services to obtain the required chip products. We also offer higher flexibility and reliability than agents, providing a better shopping experience and more reliable product guarantees.

If you are looking for chips, electronic components or connectors, please contact Yi-Tsuen Co., Ltd. We will do our best to provide you with the products and services you need.

TI, AD, ST, ON, Microchip,Vishay, Infineon, etc.

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